Polymer Science, Inc. releases new P-SHIELD® EMI SHIELDING & GROUNDING MATERIALS Catalog!


Polymer Science, Inc. is excited to release our new P-SHIELD® Shielding and Grounding Materials catalog!

Polymer Science, Inc. offers a complete EMI shielding and grounding materials product line. P-SHIELD® EMI shielding materials are used to provide an electrically conductive seal for electronic device openings and housing covers to prevent or restrict electromagnetic interference.

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Polymer Science, Inc. offers solutions for the OLED market!

Polymer Science, Inc. is pleased to offer numerous products for your OLED application solutions.

We have products ranging from glass protection tapes to embossed tapes and foams. Our design team works quickly to provide the solutions you need, allowing your project to expeditiously move from conception to production.  We take pride in our diverse team of engineers and technical staff, along with our state of the art equipment to provide the capabilities needed to develop a quality product consistent   with your application requirements.

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Polymer Science, Inc. Releases Graphite Films

Polymer Science, Inc. is pleased to release three new products in our P-THERM ® Thermal Management Materials line.

PS-1991, PS-1993 and PS-1994 are synthetic graphite films that have been cast onto a removable polyester carrier layer.

These new products are excellent for anisotropic control of heat to eliminate hot spots while providing electrical conductivity to aid in EMI shielding of electronic devices.

PS-1991  0.04mm Graphite Film

PS-1993  0.032mm Graphite Film

PS-1994  0.017mm Graphite Film

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Silicone Gel Adhesives in the Wearable Device Market

Consumer electronics companies are expanding into the healthcare wearable device market. From glucose monitors to exercise tracking devices, the healthcare wearables industry continues to develop innovative and new technologies. With the population aging, patient monitoring is becoming ever more important to get the earliest indications of a health problem that may arise. Wearable devices are designed to improve health and lifestyle choices by around the clock monitoring of calories, body temperature, vital signs and many more.

Polymer Science, Inc. offers silicone gel adhesives for short term wear lasting only a couple of hours to long term wear lasting multiple days to even weeks.  Our silicone gel adhesives offer a gentle yet, effective adhesion and will naturally conform to the contours of the body. These gels boast a wide range of characteristics listed below as well as many others:

  • Waterproof
  • Biocompatible
  • Repositionable
  • Atraumatic Removal from the Skin

As always, Polymer Science, Inc. is committed to working closely with you during the design phase of your application. By offering a variety of coating techniques and configurations, our ability to customize your product distinguishes us from other silicone gel adhesive suppliers.

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Pattern Coated Silicone Gel Adhesives

Polymer Science, Inc. is excited to release our innovative pattern coating technology to you!  We now have the ability to pattern coat any image with silicone gel.

Our silicone gel adhesives offer a gentle, yet effective, adhesion with characteristics that are hypoallergenic, waterproof and resistant to bacteria. Our pattern coated silicone gel adhesives are designed with properties ranging from more breathability in a wound care dressing to a specific pattern for a wearable device application.

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Silicone Elastomers in the Market Today


Polymer Science, Inc. offers a broad range of customizable capabilities in the silicone elastomers market. We have focuses in the Medical, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Industrial/Military markets. Our elastomers offer characteristics such as being hypoallergenic, waterproofing and dustproofing capabilities, as well as, having an optically clear solution when color is an issue.  For more information or to request a sample, contact us today!

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Polymer Science, Inc. prides itself on ground breaking innovation and being the best Silicone Gel Coater worldwide.  We are proud to release two new products for the Advanced Wound Care market.  Our solution in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, which creates optimal healing environments at the wound site, are PS-1829 and PS-2151.

Our Negative Pressure Wound Therapy products encourage:PS-2151 pic.jpg

  • Obstruction of channeling and tunneling
  • Acceleration of wound healing times
  • Reduction of erythema
  • Granulation at the wound site

P-­DERM® PS-­1829 is a high adhesion silicone gel adhesive tape for direct skin contact which has been coated onto a polyurethane carrier.  PS-­1829 was developed to bridge the gap between traditional silicone gel adhesives and silicone PSA’s.

P-­DERM® PS-2151 is a silicone gel and acrylic trilaminate consisting of a high adhesion silicone gel, polyurethane support and medical pressure sensitive acrylic.

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P-DERM® Hydrogel Brochure

Polymer Science, Inc. is excited to release our P-DERM® Hydrogels brochure.

Our hydrogels are coated and provided on a roll in custom widths to minimize waste.  Polymer Science is capable of loading cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical or antimicrobials into the hydrogel.  Our hydrogels are compatible with multiple sterilization methods.  Lower minimum order quantities and small batch prototypes are capabilities that set us apart from other hydrogel suppliers.


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Quick Ship Program!

Polymer Science, Inc. is proud to introduce our all new Quick Ship Program!  What does this mean?  We are manufacturing and stocking the products listed below.  They will be ready to be shipped within 48 hours of your order.  We can meet your quick ship needs with high quality thermal interface products.

The following products are included in the program3758_Polysci_prod_3.9.12 2017_final

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PSI will exhibit at MD&M West, Feb. 9-11, Booth# 2342


We are excited to exhibit at MD&M West Trade Show in Anaheim, CA in just a few weeks.  We return to this show each year because of the opportunities to meet with many key manufacturers and designers in the Medical Device Industry.  In our booth, we will display the latest medical grade skin-contact adhesives in our P-DERM® product line, including Hydrogels, Silicone Gels, Hydrocolloids and acrylics.

Visit us in booth#2342 to see, touch and feel these materials.

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