Before we propose any of our materials, our first goal is to fully understand your application and what you are trying to accomplish.
Our design team will work quickly to develop solutions, allowing your project to expeditiously move from concept to production.

Material Design & Development

Our engineers and technical staff are experienced and dedicated to developing new and custom materials.  We will work with you from design through testing through full production to provide you with the solution to best meet your needs.  We believe this sets us apart from other material suppliers.

  • In 2014 we developed 13 new products
  • We have 16 Engineers and Technical Staff ready to work with you
  • Our fully equipped testing lab is capable of material testing and R&D to speed up the development process

If one of our materials does not meet your exact requirements, our team of engineers can utilize our testing lab to design a new material.

P-THERM® Thermal Interface Materials

While products with a standard thickness and widths are readily available, the following material characteristics can be customized at lower volumes and shorter lead times than our competition:

  • Material Thickness
  • Material Width
  • Material Color



P-SHIELD® EMI Shielding and Grounding Materials

We offer a variety of plated woven and non-woven fabrics, polyurethanes and polyolefin films, multi-laminated foams and foils at custom thicknesses.  Nickel-copper coatings are applied using an electroless plating process to enhance conductivity across all axes or can be modified to provide anisotropic conductivity properties.


We love a challenge. 

Are you experiencing a Thermal or EMI design challenge?  Contact one of our engineers.