Our technical data sheets can provide details and information that will help facilitate further discussions.  Contact us with your need so we can work with you to develop a solution.

P-DERM® Silicone Gel Adhesive Tapes

P-DERM® Silicone Gel Adhesive/ Acrylic Adhesive Trilaminates

Trilaminates (3 layers) consist of silicone gel adhesive, a polyurethane carrier and acrylic PSA.  Adhesive tack levels and liner types vary amongst the products listed below.  View the data sheets for additional details.

P-DERM® Silicone Gel Elastomer Membranes

P-DERM® Medical Grade Acrylic Tapes

P-DERM® Hydrogel Adhesives

P-DERM® Rubber Adhesive Tapes

P-DERM® Hydrophilic Films and Tapes

P-DERM® Liners and Substrates