A Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGM) will monitor blood sugar (glucose) levels continuously in real-time throughout the day and night.  A tiny electrode called a glucose sensor is inserted under the skin to measure the glucose levels in the tissue fluid. It is connected to a transmitter that can send the information wirelessly to a monitoring device. This makes it easy to determine whether or not the glucose levels are too high or too low.

Polymer Science worked with the leading CGM makers and developed silicone gels for CGM device fixation. Working with development engineers and combining newest silicone formulations with our coating expertise on fabric backings, we developed skin contact silicone adhesives with the following characteristics:

– Wear time above 14 days with constant adhesion profile
– Hypoallergenic
– Waterproof for the more active users
– Atraumatic removal
– Resistant to bacterial growth

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