Polymer Science, Inc. will be exhibiting at Strategies in Light in Las Vegas, NV on February 28 – March 1. Polymer Science offers solutions for two different product segments in the electronics industry. Our P-THERM® line of thermal interface materials offers solutions to electronic designs that require consistent thermal conductivity for the reliability and long service life of a component while our P-SHIELD® materials are used in electronics assemblies to prevent or restrict electromagnetic interference.

We are excited to release PS-1679 at this year’s show. 

Our PS-1679 is a double coated copper foil and graphite hybrid heat spreader that has been coated with a clear acrylic adhesive on the copper side of the construction and a black acrylic on the graphite side of the construction. PS-1679 exhibits good adhesive and cohesive properties, good thermal conductivity and good conformity to non-flat surfaces. 

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