Polymer Science, Inc. will be exhibiting at MD&M West in Anaheim, CA on February 6-8. Polymer Science, Inc. manufactures adhesives and coated materials for use in the medical device and wound care industries. Our P-DERM® adhesive materials include acrylics, hydrogels and silicone gel adhesives. Polymer Science, Inc. also offers hydrophilic coatings, as well as, silicone and polyurethane elastomers for a variety of  skin-contact applications.


We will be highlighting 2 new products at this year’s show.



Our PS-2191 was specifically designed for use in the medical wearable device and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy markets. PS-2191 is a 0.17mm thickness perforated ultra high   adhesion silicone gel and acrylic trilaminate. PS-2191 is hypoallergenic, offers longer wear times (>10 day), supports atraumatic removal from the skin and promotes good anchorage to prevent channeling during negative pressure wound therapy.




We are also introducing PS-2188 which is a hydrophilic skin contact silicone gel adhesive that has been coated onto a beige nonwoven polyurethane carrier. PS-2188 was specifically designed to improve wear characteristics where flexibility and modest resistance to shear are desired, while still offering hydrophilic properties to enhance moisture management beneath the dressing.





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